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Happy Anniversary Brexit!

Am I the only person that gets annoyed every time that Teresa May, or anyone else, says that she is doing what the British people voted for by trying to get the UK out of the EU? I didn’t vote for it, and nor did many of my friends as, as expats that have lived outside the UK for more than fifteen years, we were not allowed. I mentioned this to someone recently (a Brexiteer) and he said that he agreed that we shouldn’t have a vote, since whatever happens in the UK is nothing to do with us any more…. of course I took great exception to that. My family still lives there, I have money and property there, I plan to return there… (although, maybe not at the moment!) so why shouldn’t I have a say? I also probably paid more a lot more in taxes during my few years working there than he did in his whole career (but I didn’t say that)!

If the near to 8 million Brits that live abroad HAD been allowed to vote, I think it is fairly safe to say that most would have voted to stay in. I wont go into why I think that now, and it probably doesn’t need explaining. But, anyway, since those of us living here in the CR, anyway, are so fed up, we are at least going to try and rattle the boat a bit by presenting a petition along the lines of ‘Expats say no to Brexit’ at least, then, we can feel that we have said our bit. The petition will be circulated soon and you can find out more on our Facebook page entitled ‘Expats against Brexit’!

Today is the Brexit vote first year anniversary. When we look at what has happened over the past year – the NHS in an even worse crisis stage than before (no sign of that cash heading its way yet, surprise, surprise!), the country lurches from one disaster to another, the pound is at its lowest, there is more illegal immigration than ever before, the government is falling apart, etc, etc, etc… wouldn’t we all like to see a leader that comes out and says ‘you know what…. to Hell with what some of the people said, we need to focus now on sorting out the huge mess in this country and not spend all of our time trying to get a Brexit (soft or hard) agreed now. So like it or lump it we are stopping any further negotations….’ or words to that effect. Hey ho.

I guess that is not going to happen, and we Brits who live abroad, will just have to decide to stay where we are.