We’re Out – in Spain! Day 64

steps to the beach

It looked like being another lovely day today, and Jan, as is now usual, was up early (I have to say, this is an absolute miracle… bearing in mind that he has rarely in his life been seen before about 9.00 am, him being up and out every morning, sometimes before I have even opened my eyes, is unbelievable!.  Long may it last…!)  Today, of course is the Sunday before tomorrow’s end of lockdown, so he wanted to do a long run down to the port and check out what is going on there in ‘readiness’, whilst I decided to take it a bitpuerto banus easy and just do some relaxed (ish) biking – I’m trying to save my legs a bit now for my big day on Tuesday!

As I have said before, there is one advantage to sitting on the exercise bike instead of running or tennis, and that is that I can do something else at the same time (being a woman, I am used to that….!), and this morning that meant social media monitoring, especially the Andalusian FB page, where there was a huge amount of discussion about  what we can and can’t do in Phase 1 – as I said yesterday, it is not that clear, and our ‘Alicante Lady’ friends have clearly got their knickers in a right old twist about it.   To be fair, they did have quite a few good questions, mostly involving going to bars and whether the toilets can be used (since they are inside and we are only allowed outside) or will there be some other toiletsolution (??!!!) – there was a lot of controversy on that one which the Commissioner of Facebook got very involved in later on, of course – as well as whether we can go out any time or just in our usual time-slots (apparently we can now go out to restaurants/cafes/bars/shops at any time, but we can’t just ‘go out’ – ie. meandering about is not allowed, but meandering off to a bar is…..) and one person asking whether, since we are allowed out, but have to stay in our own Province, they could go, for example, to Malaga from Mijas (a reasonably long way) to go to a specific shop or restaurant, and that provoked a very useful video being posted by someone who appears to be a British ‘town councillor’ in the town, the gist of which was, I thought, quite useful.

Basically he said that he feels that people should use their common sense (hahah…. where have we heard that before – stay alert!) and not try to look for ways to get around stay alertor misinterpret the rules, as if everyone starts doing that then there is a good chance that things will tighten up again (especially if the numbers go up).    And, whilst there is no rule against heading off to another part of the Province for shopping, etc, he stressed that it was really important that everyone should try to support their local communities, most of which are suffering horribly, and not be thinking about going further afield just because they can.  So if they want to go to a bar, restaurant or shop, then go to a local bar, restaurant or shop (at least for now) to help them to get back on their feet, as no-one wants to live in a ghost town, which is what ghost towncould soon happen.   I liked that, and think it is probably relevant to all of us, irrespective of where we live just now.

So back to this morning; Jan did his run, and I finished my biking, and then it was a couple of hours by the big pool to recover, during which time we started to get a bit concerned about some fairly regular ‘rumbling’ above us – first, we thought that there might be a thunderstorm heading our way (we are pretty used to that sound just now) but the sky was bright blue.  Then we wondered if the noise was the beginnings of another earthquake (not sure whether the sky would be blue then, or what an earthquake sounds like, having never, touch wood, lived through one) but then we realised….. there were some fairly regular planes up in the sky!   A bit like London buses – we have waited all this time, and then not only did one plane fly over, but in the course of an hour or so, about four!    How exciting was that!!!

Then just as we were starting to think about when our lunch might be ready, the clouds DID come over and in the space of about ten minutes, for God’s sake, we went from lovely hot sunshine to pouring rain, so it was a fast walk back to the house to wait for that to blow over and hope to be summonsed to come and collect our paella.  This, potentially, will be the last time that we will have this arrangement, since, of course, from tomorrow we can be out and about, and that led us to ponder how it is all going to be; will we see a mad rush of people appearing from nowhere?   Will the restaurants and bars be filled up quickly and have queues forming?   Or will it, in fact, be quitemountain view on way back peaceable and not much different.    I suspect that for us in this part of Marbella it won’t be a lot different, since there really don’t seem to be so many people around (except on the beach early in the morning!) but in other areas it may be different.  We shall see.

Sunday, then, continued as usual; lunch was duly collected and we managed to eat even more than usual, and then there were some calls and a bit of news and social media monitoring, before we were off for what might, possibly, be our last late-evening walk before normality kicks in tomorrow…..!  Should be a lot to talk about then!!



4 thoughts on “We’re Out – in Spain! Day 64

  1. Jan

    I have been in to earthquakes, one in Turkey and one in Japan, and they sound like a Boeing 707,- I was a lot younger then-flying overhead.



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