Still here – in Spain! Days 92 and 93

mountain view on way back

For me, these have been a strange couple of days as (a) what I thought was just a slightly injured calf muscle is a bit more than ‘slightly’ and that has rather hampered what I can do now, (b) I somehow got not one cold sore but two – never had such a thing before, and having always thought that they are just something that are a bit unsightly, I am now finding out that they can actually make you feel pretty crap, and (c) I think we are both feeling a bit sad that this is our last weekend here – so even though we are kind of entrance to pueblolooking forward to heading back to Prague at the end of the week, it is strange to be thinking about leaving what has, really, been our ‘safe haven’ for the last three months.

The upside of all of the above is that instead of rushing about doing all the things that we meant to do while we were here, we have reverted to the same ‘lockdown pattern’ of doing not very much!   Yesterday, Saturday, Jan did his usual run, of course, and I, not wanting to go without any sort of exercise at all, got back to my Bollywood routine (as you probably know, that involves more upper body movement than legs!), 7 App (ditto) and bike (and, in view of the leg injury, I suspect, that this will be my ‘go-to routine’ once we get back to Prague too – so have actually ordered an exercise bike on Amazon today to be delivered there and be ready for our arrival!).

Yesterday, as mentioned before, we had planned to drive out to one of our favourite mijasplaces, an Andalusian ‘white village’ called Mijas Pueblo – it’s about a 40 minute drive away, and a place that we often visit just to potter about, go into the pretty gift shops and have lunch (it is also where a lot of the Andalusian ladies from the Facebook page live, so that adds to its attraction).  How it looks now remains to be seen, as since a visit there involves walking up and down about a million steps, it didn’t seem to be such a good idea with me on just one leg.  So instead, we headed down to the beach for a couple of hours, which included a good few minutes of walking about in the sea (when I had my horses in my previous life, we used to take them to the beach as often as possible, which, once they got used to the sea (which on first sight always freaked them out) and learned to go in it, they absolutely loved.  In addition to the fun of galloping on the beach, the sea water was just the best thing for toughening up horses’ legs… so horses in the seawhenever I have a problem with mine (quite a lot of the time) I try to get into the sea (not easy in Prague) whenever I can, on the basis that if it worked for the horses, it should work for me!

Thinking what we might do for the afternoon once we had returned from the beach, Jan flicked about on the TV and, unbelievably, found some live tennis – we had completely forgotten about the Adria Tour in Belgrade, Serbia that Novak had been talking about whilst he was down here, and it was the first day yesterday – and continued novak seatoday.   Initially I wasn’t that keen on watching as I thought that it wouldn’t be the same without any spectators, and, having not really taken much notice of it, I was under the impression that it was just Novak and the other Serbian boys.   How fantastic, then, to find out that some of the other big guns had travelled and, not only that, the Serbs (being Serbs!) had decided to completely ignore the fact that there had been ‘some health problem’ recently (!) and, apart from a couple of people in the crowd wearing masks, there was no other sign of it – a full stadium, no 2 metre distancing, ball boys handing towels and balls over as usual, etc.   I have mixed feelings about it all, since on one hand the atmosphere was just like the old days, which made for great viewing, but on the other, you have to wonder what will happen if a whole load of people end up with the virus in the next few days (although Serbia has had very little problem with it) and, of course, what sort of signal it gives for everyone to be carrying on as normal – are the big tournaments that are planned for later in the summer going to continue in the restricted manner that they have said (i.e. no spectators, no ballboys, etc) or are they going to look at this one and decide that they, too, can risk putting on a show, as usual.   It will be interesting to see.

Completely unexpectedly, therefore, the whole weekend has turned into a bit of a tennis fest (even though I, myself, cannot now play, and probably won’t until I get back to Prague), as having got completely into it yesterday, we had to watch again today, and are now preparing for the finals tonight – the first evening in nearly 100 days that we will have spent in front of the TV (other than for news watching!)!  In between times, of course, I have been monitoring what is going on in the UK on both the TV and Twitter (although Jan more or less banned me from looking today as I got so wound up about it all) and talking to various friends in both Prague and London, since it is only a matter of airportdays before we will be back there (in Prague) and, in Jan’s case, trying to get there (London).  For sure there will be more stories to tell as we get ready and set off later in the week!

For now, though, we have just seen that Spain will open its borders to all Schengen residents from 21st June – amazing to think, in view of how things were not so long ago – so if you have liked what you have seen about Spain in my blog, you might want to think about heading down here sometime soon! We, ourselves, wont be gone for long!





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