Still here – in Spain! Days 94 and 95!

view from window

These have been a busy couple of days.  We had so many flights booked before that then got cancelled, it has been hard to believe that we are really, really going this week and that has hit us hard – it feels, now, that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done before we go!

Yesterday, day 94, we were up early even though it was a day off exercise; me because my cold sores had kept me awake in the night and I couldn’t wait to get up and go out to a pharmacy, and Jan because he realised that he had quite a lot of work to get sorted before we land in Prague!   So first thing, he was on his computer while I did my social media and news watch and then headed out to try to find some medicine.   That, big poolcombined with a couple of hours by the pool (which is due to open any day now – probably just as we are leaving!) took up the morning, and then Jan went off to the same hairdresser as me for his own refurb, whilst I hobbled out for what was intended to be a last shop in Aldi – how sad is that!

On our return, with Jan looking 100% ‘perfect’ after his haircut (as he likes to say), we decided to try to get all of our plants and garden into a shape to be left – the Pueblo gardeners come in twice a week to ‘water’ when we aren’t here, but that is all, and after three months of battling to revive some of them, using made-up food (banana skins, egg shells, etc) to help, and now having them all in full bloom, it would be terrible to think that they might all collapse once we have gone.   Just on this, when I put together my lists of ‘things we have learned to do’ or ‘how we have changed’ during the last three months, gardening (up to a point) will be very high up on mine (having only ever managed to wield a watering can occasionally in the past!).

Jan decided yesterday, though, that he was up for more than just simple gardening, and took it on himself to get up our palm tree and give it some much needed trimming.  That is not as simple as it might sound as, without the proper equipment, it required him to stand on a ladder balanced on a table and then hack all the dead branches and muck away from the trunk – and since I was required to hold the ladder, most of it landed on my head – I just about coped with the branches and so on, but once he said that he had found an ants’ nest and then, even worse, a couple of cockroaches jan and palmhidden away (I have always tried to persuade myself that I do not need to fear them as much as I do, since they really only scuttle about on the floor – now I know better!), I am afraid that I had to leave him to it – but, to be fair, he did a pretty good job!

Coming back to the cockroaches (as I do!) one of the problems with the whole Pueblo being pretty much deserted over the past three months, is that whilst we had our house treated for them early on in our adventure, the other houses nearby did not…. so for the last few weeks, while it has been getting hotter and hotter, we have had a few visitors from our neighbours each evening – Jan has been in his element, rushing about each night with his bat and scaring everyone to death, but I have lost my sense of humour about it all, so today (day 95) we had the ‘cockmen’ back again to do yet another fumigation – not only in our house, but the drains and so on around us (the idea of going back to Prague, and leaving our house available for ‘squatters’ for the next few weeks pest controlhas been bothering me no end!), so that was another constructive thing crossed off the list.

Today, then, apart from the visit from the cockmen and exercise this morning (back to my drill of Bollywood, 7 and cycling, and Jan running) we have been out and about, stocking up with a few bits and pieces to take back to Prague – again, I have to comment on how quickly everything has got back to normal… people are out shopping, cafes are open, there is very little sign of the past few months! – and then this evening we are meeting the sports photographer that we met at the gallery opening for drinks, and then a last dinner with our friends down the road.   And that will be just two  more full days before we head off.   What a strange feeling that is!

On a happier note, and particularly relevant today – I found a lovely video this morning, celebrating Paris getting back to normal (I have been watching my friend Philippe go through his very strict lockdown there while we have been here – how tough that was) – take a look:

I will be reporting on our last days here in Spain and our return to Prague in due course!



4 thoughts on “Still here – in Spain! Days 94 and 95!

    1. jojwa Post author

      Yes, so sorry not to have seen you Julie. But we are coming back in a few weeks’ time, so let’s try then, if you are around! Will keep in touch! xx



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