We’re Back in Prague – Day 6


I can’t quite believe that we have been back for five days already, but the first couple went by in a bit of a blur, and it wasn’t until Monday, really, that we started to feel ‘normal’.   Saturday wasn’t an easy day as we woke up to grey skies and rain which wasn’t exactly welcoming, but despite that we thought that we should try to do a bit of exercise before we got into anything else.   I was aware that my leg was feeling quite sore after all the travelling the day before (my legs always feel a bit swollen and heavy after jogging on one legflying (it’s a woman and age thing!) but this was worse than usual), and the minute that I started to jog after a bit of stretching (me going right out of our front door, Jan to the left), I realised that there was something not right as I could barely put my foot on the ground, so turned around to go back indoors and then found that I had brought my Spanish house keys, not Prague.   For God’s sake!.

So basically I was stuck outside in the rain for as long as Jan might run.  Thinking that my leg might loosen up a bit though, and on the basis that Jan doesn’t run that fast (apologies dear), I thought, stupidly, that if I hobbled as fast as possible to the park where I knew he was heading, I could loiter about and catch him on one of his rounds, take his keys and hobble back.   Up to a point that actually worked, since I found him relatively quickly, but by the time I had hobbled back, by then drowned, I had made my leg a lot worse and was thoroughly miserable.

Since the main reason why we absolutely had to get back to Prague now was to clear out our offices before the deadline of June 30th, once we had both dried off, the next thing was to head over to see just how much stuff we had to get rid of, store, smash, etc, and that was so horrifying that we decided that the only course of action for the rest of the day was to get back home and hide, and then maybe venture back the next day!  Actually part of the reason for that was that we wanted to watch the next stage of the Adria Tour (the tennis tournament that we watched last weekend in Belgrade, now in Zadar in adria tourCroatia) so that took up the rest of the day, and then I headed out to meet my friend Adam for dinner, with Jan joining us later, and that cheered us both up immensely – thank God, as it was all a bit miserable up until then (and, note, the restaurant was completely normal – no cleaning of the tables, no waiters in mask, no customers in Hazmat suits, etc, and we did hug (I wondered if we would, and knew that I would feel rather offended if we didn’t!).

On Sunday, though, with the sun shining and a bit of a more positive mood, we headed to the office and got started with the mammoth job of clearing and sorting, which, normally, we would have done over the course of three months, and instead have to manage in just 12 days!   Hmmm.   This is proving a bit of a challenge – for Jan as he is a bit of a ‘hoarder’ so he has a Hell of a lot of stuff to go through, and me as I am still on one leg, and my hay fever is much worse here than in Spain, so sorting through a lot of dusty papers and so on is not, exactly, what I want to be doing – but hey, now I really can appreciate wearing a mask!   I am not going to go on about office clearing as that is and has to be the focus of our days until the end of the month, so I could get very boring, plus when I am not clearing the office, I am spending my time either catching up with friends (lovely) or seeing my physio (not so lovely, but necessary). which explains why I don’t have a lot of exciting things to report on.    We have, though, been doing a few other bits and pieces similar to our days in Spain (I have already done some Bollywood and the 7 App, but still waiting for the exercise bike to arrive), plus, of course, I have found time to study the news in all three jurisdictions and rant on Twitter, as usual.

I must say, though, that I have felt quite discombobulated (I do so love that word as, even if you don’t know what it means, I am sure you can probably figure it out!) – even on crowds in parksSaturday, when we first ventured out, I was already taken aback by how little notice anyone took of social distancing – twice, during my hobble to look for Jan, I nearly collided with people walking the other way – I am so used to all of us naturally putting distance between ourselves, that I found it quite disconcerting and, dare I say it, shocking.   Plus so few people wearing masks – I know that everything is back to normal here, but I still found it strange, and actually having parked my car in the underground carpark in town on Monday (my first venture in) and then called the lift, which appeared with three unmasked guys already in situ, I almost freaked out, but masked mendecided that I have to get over it and got in nonetheless (now, isn’t that something… not so long ago I would have freaked out if a lift had arrived with three masked men inside.. now it is the other way around!).

I have also been to the gym (necessary, with only one leg working and no bike at home) and seen my trainer, Vlad, but not yet managed to meet up with Vitek (tennis coach) as, of course, tennis is out of the question at the moment.   The gym was interesting – the receptionist, as I would have expected, was wearing a mask, but otherwise everyone else was working out as usual (to the point that I noticed several people getting off the machines and not bothering to clean them (which annoys me at the best of times)), men in gymplus a couple of guys (Americans) did have masks around their necks… not quite sure of the point of that…  Plus I had my first tram trip yesterday, which I didn’t much like (partly as it was crowded and people were coughing and sneezing a lot (but masked), and partly as getting on and off proved a challenge with one leg not very operational!)

It is all a bit odd.  As I have mentioned before, I used to be a very brave girl, and I absolutely don’t like being a bit of a ‘pussy’, but those 100 days have changed me a bit, and I can see how easy it could be to slip into almost agoraphobia – especially if we hadn’t had the last few weeks of ‘freedom’ in Spain.  I also can’t help but think that even though the CR handled everything so well and had so few cases, this may just be happening a bit too quickly.   Which leads me back to the Adria Tour.

I think I mentioned in my blog last week that we were surprised to see the whole tournament in Belgrade taking place as if there had been no virus (which, in Serbia, is almost true as they had very few cases), with packed crowds, lots of interaction between the ball boys, umpire and players, etc.   When they all arrived in Zadar, it looked pretty similar, although there were many fewer people in the crowd, and I suppose that you can’t really blame the players and their teams for going out and partying every night since Croatia, too, had very few cases.   But when we watched Dimitrov fall apart on adria tour 2court on Saturday afternoon and heard that he had returned home that evening, I started to get a nasty feeling, which was proved right when it was then announced that he had the virus… and over the course of the next few days more announcements of positive results came out (the majority of the players), with the biggest of all from Nole himself…. what the ramifications will be on tennis for the coming months and sport in general, who knows…. but it certainly proved that the virus is still about, even in countries that have low numbers, and, despite what is generally thought, it can strike the young and very fit…. so maybe a bit more caution is still needed… we shall see.

More from me again soon!





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