We’re back – in Prague! Day 21

lovely prague

It’s now exactly three weeks since we returned from Spain, although it seems so much longer!  After the first week, when we felt completely discombobulated, we started to get back to normal, although spending pretty much every day packing up our office and chucking all those years of history away is not what we would normally be doing – and clearing officeactually that is why I have been so quiet, as there is really nothing exciting to say about the whole experience, except that it is now done!

Lots of people have asked us if we are retiring, since we have given up the office (unless it is just that we are starting to look very old?!) but that is really not the case – our 100 days in Spain taught us so many things, including that we are both perfectly comfortable working from home, and now that we have set up our own individual ‘work stations’ in our apartment in Prague (as far away from each other as possible!) it is, so far, working well.   So with everything here now vaguely under control, it seems only sensible to be heading back to Spain soonish – on Thursday, in fact!  But, by the way, it has been lovely to be here in Prague too, as you can imagine – and if you can’t imagine, then have a look at this link that I found on one of my friend’s FB pages:

Anyway, we had originally planned to drive my car down to Marbella and leave it there – even though it has been marvellous to be reunited with him and to be able to drive myself around Prague, especially at the moment when I am still not keen on going on the metro or tram and still hobbling on one leg, but we really don’t need the car that much here, especially now.  However, at the last minute we decided that we are all (i.e. Jan, me and the car) too old to take on three days plus of driving across Europe, so that idea has been binned and we will be heading off on good old Ryanair again.  Can’t wait.ryanair

Whilst we have been here, in addition to packing the office, doing some work, and having regular physio, I have been pondering some new projects as well as meeting up with friends and doing a little bit of ‘networking’.  Almost without exception our friends have all been changing their ways (and ALL, without exception, are happy about it!!) – quite a few are doing the same as us and are now working from home, a couple have decided to change what they are doing completely, two have given up work altogether, and several are working on new projects that are very different to what they would ‘normally’ (the old normal) be doing… and all of this despite the fact that the CR had so few cases/deaths, and, to date, has seen very little damage to the economy… but it is still early days….  Me personally – and sorry to be giving myself a little plug – I am still open to helping anyone that wants it with their angel investormarketing and am also pondering investing into one or two small SMEs – I am offering a bit of cash and/or a lot of time in return for a share or two… so if you are looking for some marketing or general ‘business’ help, let me know!

Yesterday, we attended a lunch organised by the International Business Forum here in Prague (we are both board members) which hosted the former Governor of the Czech National Bank, Zdenek Tuma; he had been very outspoken about the lockdown in the CR in the early days, fearing that the damage to the economy far outweighed the seriousness of the health crisis, and, whilst he has revised his views slightly now, I think he, and pretty much everyone around the table (except me, up to a point!) agreed that, whilst it was good to lock down here at the beginning, it went on far too long… and that, whilst the damage to the economy had not been as radical as it was tuma lunchfeared, the size of it made no sense when compared with the very low number of cases and deaths.  As always, though, there are two big questions on the ‘no-lock-down strategy’: how many deaths are OK in such a situation?  And how many might there have been if the country had NOT locked down (or not for as long).  We can never know, and, as I have said all along, who would be a politician right now?

So anyway, here we are in Prague, just a few days away from heading to Marbella again (and with a certain person’s birthday celebration tomorrow to look forward to!).  We have certainly crammed a lot into the few weeks that we have been back – I’m still doing my dancing, App and exercise biking since running and tennis are off the cards for the moment… still doing a regular social and news media watch (but, I have to admit, getting a little bit tired of the repetitiveness of it all!) and finally getting back to reading proper books (having given them up all the time we were in our lockdown).  Oh, and still thinking about ways to ‘change the world!’.   Just now, though, things seem to be relatively quiet here, and relatively quiet there, so this may be my last blog for a while…. although…. with everything so bonkers at the moment, you never know – I may well pop my head up for another round soon.   We will see!

For now, thank you to everyone that has followed this blog so far… and I hope to ‘meet up’ with you again soon!


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