Back in Prague – but for how long?

lovely prague

A few of my friends have been asking if all is OK as they haven’t heard from me for a while, since it is a bit more than a week since I posted my last blog.  I hadn’t actually planned for it to be that long, but I found that the combination of the news from the UK re quarantining people from Spain (and generally! – if you are not ‘up’ on the UK news, you might find this article interesting… pretty much sums it up if you ask me:, my injured leg eventually revealing itself as a potentially serious problem with my knee, and the rising temperatures in Marbella during last week which were a bit exhausting, kind of put paid to my enthusiasm (and ability to be extreme heatamusing) for a few days!

We actually snuck quietly back to Prague last Thursday – I had originally planned it to be a bit of an adventure since I was to be flying with Ryanair from Malaga to Rome and then on to Prague, but since Jan’s flight to the UK was no longer viable he swapped to fly back with me, which meant that the three hour shopping fest that I had planned (hopefully) for the magnificent Rome airport was no longer possible (even though, to my surprise, the shops were mostly all open) nor was the idea of relaxing over a bowl of rome airportpasta at one of the many restaurants…  Instead we ended up arguing for most of the stayover, partly due to the need to wear masks at all times (and Jan is developing a bit of a phobia about that), partly my inability to move around very fast, and, mainly, the incredible expense of even a glass of beer (Jan is used to having a non-stop supply of alcohol in the airport lounges which, in Rome, were sadly closed).   I shouldn’t complain really, since the whole journey was very easy – again both flights landed early (into Rome and then Prague), felt very safe (both were about half full, so lots of space around us), boarding was controlled and quiet, and everyone wore masks – I even had my temperature taken by a robot in Rome airport which was very exciting (I was singled out for some reason, although I don’t think I looked particularly unwell…).

I know that a lot of people are worried about flying just now, but so far we have felt that the whole experience is actually a lot nicer than usual, so the only thing to worry about (and I know it is a big one for many people) is the chance of catching something on the flight.   For sure on our first flight after our 100 day lockdown we were a bit apprehensive, but on the other hand we felt that the chance of catching anything at the airport or on the plane was pretty remote – flying from Malaga, where there were no infections and everyone had been isolated, there must have been a higher chance of the plane crashing than that we would catch anything on board! Now, of course, the chance is a bit higher, but obligatory masks in the airport and on board, the social distancing, on plane with masksthe fact that the planes are not so full, etc, means, I still believe, that flying is one of the safer things that we can be doing.   Back in Prague, in fact, numbers are rising (they are now higher than our part of Spain) and I have even experienced the slight concern of the friend that I had dinner with on Friday letting me know yesterday that he was going for a test as some of his colleagues at work had tested positive (luckily his was negative).  The fact is, really, that unless we all lock ourselves away completely again, there is always going to be the possibility of catching the virus, irrespective of what we do/where we go…… but still, in my book, it’s a very small one.

So back in Prague life goes on pretty much as normal – the number of cases, as mentioned, is getting higher (but still relatively low, although I do wonder how accurate they are.. in the space of just a few days I seem to have heard of an awful lot of people that have the virus!), the weather is grey and rainy (the first day we thought it was a bit of a relief after the heat…not sure now!), shops and restaurants are quiet, but not yet disastrous, and I continue to hop about on one leg, having various tests, and getting grumpier by the minute.   The consequence of my leg injury means that (a) I am spending far too much time on Twitter each morning and having a good old rant about the situation in the UK (but what joy when one of the people that I follow and quietly hero-worship, ‘liked’ one of my Tweets!), and (b) that I am having to try to limit myself to eating only dust, since hard training is out (even ‘Bollywooding’ is a bit difficult, but I am managing to do a bit of biking, thank God.).  On the subject of eating dust, I saw this great video this morning which, as always with Michael McIntyre, made me ‘LOL’ (as Jan would say):

What else?   I’m getting involved in a fund for SMEs (particularly those that have been badly affected by the lockdown), which I will no doubt start talking about in more detail soon, and am doing a reasonable amount of work (which keeps my mind (some of the time) off the fridge….) but with so many people away just now (it is hard to keep track of the weeks and months at the moment, but it is in fact August!)) and most of what we are working on just as easily done there as here, it is only a matter of time, I suspect, before we head back to Spain!


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