Under the [very hot] weather in Marbella!

steps to the beach

I started writing this yesterday morning when I woke up very early and thought that it was about time that I got on with another blog.   The reason for being so quiet has been, unfortunately, that I have been ‘under the weather’ (as us Brits would say) – i.e not feeling that well.   It all started with the pills that I was given to reduce the liquid around my bad knee, as they seem (if my prognosis is correct) to have upset my stomach quite a bit, to the point that I have barely been able to eat or drink anything for about a week (looking on the bright side, though, this could also have been another ‘hand of God’ as I had been so worried about putting on a stack of weight through my lack of exercise, and now there’s no need!).   Added to that, even though we have only really been out in the sun sporadically (I have been doing a ‘walk’ (or should I say a ‘waddle’ as that is more descriptive) every morning while Jan runs, and then we have had a couple of hours on the beach and that has been about it) I also managed to get a bit of sun-stroke.   So all in all, it has been a bit of a weird few days.

I also got the results of my MRI at the beginning of the week, which showed that I have a ruptured meniscus ligament and need to have an operation to fix it.  So that’s something to look forward to once we get back to Prague (where we are actually now heading, since  from the 24th onwards the CR will require everyone coming in from Spain to go into quarantine for fourteen days, or take a test – we wouldn’t particularly mind taking a test, but presumably Ryanair will give up on their four flights a week between Malaga and Prague with this news so who knows how easy it will be to go to and fro after Monday.).  So that means that the operation will have to be in Prague – and that has also been a bit stressful as, having sent off emails to various doctors that I knew or was recommended to over the last couple of weeks as everyone seemed to be on holiday, they all returned at once, and now I have a million appointments scheduled for next week – after which I will obviously have to tell all but one of them that I have wasted their time (hopefully none of them are reading this!!!).

Another thing that added to my ‘gloom and doom’ was/is my hair.  As mentioned before, we found a lovely hairdresser, Juan, in Marbella just after the lockdown (when I had hacked off most of my hair and various patches of Jan’s).  So to cheer myself up I booked an appointment with him a couple of days ago to ‘do my roots’.   My Spanish, though, is clearly not as good as I thought as having explained that I wanted my roots blonder and then some darker bits on the ends where the sun has bleached my hair almost white, he misunderstood me and did all the roots very dark and most of the ends too…. so I now have a kind of ‘Zebra’ look.   I tell you, it is not easy being a woman sometimes!

Now we are on the plane heading back to Prague and I’ve been reflecting on the last couple of weeks to take my mind off the journey (stomach still not that good….!).   I was already a bit stressed when we set off as I had debated wearing one of those dashing sombreros to cover my hair, but with a mask as well that would have been way too hot, so in the end, I just thought stuff it – after not much sleep last night (too much heat and too many trips to the loo (and too much information I know), combined with hobbling along on one and a half legs, I figured I had enough to worry about!   But the first thing I will do (in between doctors, obviously) is to get back to my Prague hairdresser for a sort out, and then work my way down, so to speak.

What took up quite a lot of time on this trip (apart from flopping about in the extreme heat and watching endless football (Jan has been in some sort of football Heaven, with big matches every evening all of this last week, and forever into the foreseeable future)) has been sorting out guff for our Spanish house, as who knows what the winter is going to bring and where we will end up…. right now it looks as if it will be Prague for the foreseeable future, but that might change and if it is Spain, then this time we want to be better prepared.   What strange times we live in.

Something else that I have been doing – on my own – and enjoying a lot is walking.  Even though it is not that easy at the moment and I don’t do any of this ‘speed-walking’ malarky, the hills around our house ensured that I had quite a good work out each day, and I have seen so many things that I wouldn’t normally notice when driving or running.  Yesterday I explored around the back of the ‘King’s Palace’ – a huge monstrosity of an estate that sleeps about a 1,000 (although, from the stories we hear, not a lot of el riyadh estatesleeping went on there, if you know what I mean)…. nowadays it is barely used (although I think it is still owned by the Saudi royal family), but the grounds, if not the house itself, are looked after (and still guarded – I was caught peering through the hedge by one of the security guards yesterday, but he was nice enough (could have been the hair, could have been the leg)) and some of the ‘smaller’ houses around the back of the palace are beautiful (I believe they were used to house the various wives pasodobleand entourages), and, in some cases, named after whoever lived in them.   I particularly liked ‘El Pasodoble’, and also Casa Esther and Casa Yasmin, (that one made me feel rather nostalgic – when I was in Turkey with my Turkish boyfriend (hundreds of years ago), there was talk (by him!) that if I was to stay, I would need to change my name to an Arabic version, and I was even given a gold bracelet with the name Yasmin etched on it (as a hint) – actually that was the only thing that I kept when I made my escape… just think, though, I, too, could have had my own Casa Yasmin at some point – well, I our house signsuppose I do really, although Casa Jan and Jo doesn’t sound quite the same.    Actually, our house (unusually for me) doesn’t have a name, but we do have a sign outside:)

Something else I saw on my walk was a massive lorry turning up outside one of the houses to deliver some huge great palm trees – they seemed to be doing some landscaping and the trees were being moved by crane – who would have thought??!   I picture in a few years’ time, people looking at them and wondering how many hundreds of years they have been there… haha!:

So that’s it for now; I won’t get into politics today – too depressing – or even mention Covid (one of my ‘girlfriends’ asked me to stop going on about it as I depressed her even more than I did myself) or, God forbid, masks… no doubt I will feel the need soon, though, especially when things start hotting up as we go into the winter (if you see what I mean).

For now, here is a video I found this morning that shows that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how many working legs… you can still get up and dance… :

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