It’s raining Czechs!

Yesterday we woke up for the first time in months to pouring rain and news that ‘Storm Barbara’ is going to hit Malaga in the next few days (I know I’m not the first to say it, but isn’t it weird how all of these bad weather conditions get given such affectionate names?!). Whether it will hit Marbella, which lives in its own little bubble, remains to be seen, but let’s hope not (in fact, so far, no sign of a storm, but a full-on power cut for most of the day which wasn’t expected).

Meantime, the CV-19 virus is going nuts all over the world (maybe we should give viruses nice names too – I think I am going to call this one ‘Virus Barry’ from now on, or ‘Barry’ for short, which will be easier) – and whilst in Spain he still seems to be mostly creating havoc in Madrid and a couple of other areas (sadly, today, Thursday, Spain has reached more than 1 million cases, more than a third in Madrid… that’s pretty scary), there is no doubt that everyone is watching what he is going to do next, even down here.

With the news coming out of the UK and the CR even worse than Madrid, I am back to starting my days with a lot of social and regular news-watching, and generally raging on Twitter (I saw this picture on there this morning, which seemed particularly relevant…!) plus, sadly, this time around we have several friends that are suffering, either directly from Barry or from situations caused by him, which means a lot of messages and calls to be made before starting the day proper. It’s not that easy, therefore, to stay cheerful, unless a lot of radical action is taken, but I know that is how it is for everyone…..

Yesterday, due to the weather, which has continued today, was a bit of a ‘non-day’, very much like the early days of lockdown. Once we got moving, Jan went for one of the killer runs that I used to do (when I could) around the mountain (and whilst there was a break in the rain) and I walked – actually I spent my whole walk (an hour) on the phone to a friend who asked me if there were many people about, and I realised that I had actually only seen one the whole time I had been out … and even that was Jan!. It’s that quiet down here. Then a bit of work, and a bit of constructive stuff around the house (in my case) before heading to the supermarket, and that was pretty much it. Not very exciting.

The highlight of the day, though, was when we headed out later for a walk on the beach-track, once the rain had stopped. I am not sure if I mentioned it when it happened, but at some point during the lockdown period when we could first run on the beach, I managed to collide with a bench at the side of the track – my eye had been caught by a beautiful dog in the garden of one of the houses that line it, and I was so busy looking at him/her that I didn’t notice the bench and ran straight into it – in fact, I suspect that was the starting cause of my knee injury. Not only did the noise of the collision cause the people walking past to nearly have a heart attack, as, of course, did I, but it also made the dog jump out of his/her skin, and run off terrified. Since then I have looked out for it, but not seen him/her again until yesterday – here he/she is – gorgeous! (I have always loved chows – Jan does too… he thinks he is being clever when he greets one ‘cau chow’ and falls about laughing… hey ho).

Today, then, as already mentioned, we woke up to yet more rain, and I was back to yet more social media and Twitter ranting – pretty much bad news everywhere I looked. I think I am going to have to stop doing this soon as it is not a good way to start the day – Jan, however, tends not to look until later, and then, after a couple of glasses of wine he likes to get well and truly ‘stuck in’ – as I saw on reviewing FB this morning. Oh dear. The Alicante ladies must have missed him…… So, with the rain really bucketing down,, I was onto the bike for 45 minutes before handing it over to Jan, who despite being a ‘Gold PIM King’ is a bit of a ‘fair-weather runner’, and then it was pretty much work and TV watching for the rest of the day until late pm, when we were finally able to head out for our regular walk.

One really weird thing just as we got to the beach track; what first sounded like a swarm of bees above us, eventually showed itself to be a large black ‘drone’ buzzing about on the water’s edge. Since the beach was more or less deserted (obviously after all the rain) we couldn’t really understand what it was doing – was it a police-drone? We saw a lot of those about during lockdown, but never very close up. This one was almost like a live bird or something, since it hovered about close to the water and at one point flew right at us and hovered about 2 metres away from our faces. I found it all a bit spooky, but once it took off again we decided that we needed to find where it came from and who was operating it (since they couldn’t be far away). Sure enough, just around the corner was a young guy and a very pretty girl, leaning over the beach railings and guiding the drone back in. Jan (being Jan.. .you know.. got to talk to everyone), had to go over to ask what they were up to and find out more (although I wasn’t entirely sure whether he was more interested in finding out about the drone or the girl) – it turned out though that the drone could fly up to a distance of 7 km and take pictures while it was at it (which I thought was pretty amazing… who knew?)…. and not only that, guess what.. they were both Czech. Again.

Tomorrow, Friday, the sun should be out (25 degrees expected…sorry), so I imagine we will spend some time on the beach… but who knows…. it’s still possible that Storm Barbara will make her way here (being so close to the sea, the weather can change quickly). Let’s just hope that Barry stays away.

More soon.

6 thoughts on “It’s raining Czechs!

    1. jojwa Post author

      Love it! I don’t know how why I thought of the name Barry (and upset one of my friends!)… but Boris is, of course, ideal. I will use it from now on and give you the credit!!!



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