Barry, Boris and Barbara

I had quite a few comments after my last blog, particularly about calling the virus ‘Barry’ (in case you didn’t see it, my idea came from the way that all these bad weather situations get given affectionate names, for example ‘Storm Barbara’ which is lurking about in Malaga at the moment). Most liked the idea (although my friend Barry wasn’t very happy!), but one, Roger (not Federer), suggested that a better name would be Boris, which I loved, and which is why I will now be referring to the virus as such.

On the subject of Boris and so on, the last few days have been a bit crazy, to the point that I am having to keep away from social media (as much as is possible) otherwise there is the potential for never getting off it…. Chaos is reigning in the Czech Republic, with the Health Minister ‘doing a Cummings’ (hmm.. better explain that I think, since it has nothing to do with the UK Health Minister, Hand-on-cock….! In case you don’t know, in the UK the chief advisor (and dictatorial lunatic) to Boris Johnson is called Cummings, and he made a name for himself by travelling with his wife right across the country whilst both of them had the Boris, being caught out sightseeing and so on whilst the whole country was in lockdown.

In the CR, the Health Minister was caught, apparently coming out of a restaurant at 11.00 pm, without a mask, when all restaurants in the country are closed (other than for take-out up until 8.00 pm), and wearing a mask is now obligatory). Whether he will resign (he has been asked to, unlike Cummings) remains to be seen. Personally, I am still pondering it all (being a good PR girl) – my main question being, how did a photographer from the country’s main tabloid happen to be hanging around a relatively unknown restaurant in a quiet part of Prague at 11.00 pm at night….? I would hate to think it was a set-up, since that would beg the question, who would do that….??!!!

Spain, in comparison, is ‘relatively normal’; lots of fighting between the different political parties, Madrid and a few other areas in a sort of lockdown, and the usual mad stuff being put out there on the Spanish FB pages (caused, I might say, by most of the Spanish (and other) media stoking things up in an overly dramatic fashion, depending on which political party they are aligned to, but nothing new with that).

Down here, though, there is still not too much sign of the Boris (and hopefully there won’t be), nor ‘Storm Barbara’, and life is continuing in a fairly normal fashion (in a ‘new normal’ sort of way, and with a couple of additional restrictions added today) to the point that there is even an international tennis tournament starting this afternoon at the big tennis centre down the road from us, so no doubt we will be paying a visit to that in the next few days (peering through the hedges since no spectators are allowed).

With the last two days being full-on rain we had the chance to catch up with some work bits (Jan is quite busy still, whilst I have managed to ‘self-generate’ a few things (actually I have overdone it a bit so I have actually ended up doing more than I really wanted to!), preparing a new website focusing on hotels and restaurants, and writing a blog to go on it (which enabled me to spend a bit of time in the lovely Puente Romano hotel, talking hotels and restaurants with the GM and his PR lady.. and, really, I am never happier than when I am doing that kind of thing (with a few exceptions, particularly tennis, which I am going to be doing again this evening!).

Actually, during the course of one of my visits there I bumped into the owner of my absolute favourite shop in Marbella, which every time I have walked past has been closed. Apparently it is opening just a couple of hours a day (over lunchtime, which is the time we are least likely to be around there) but she offered me a ‘private viewing’ if I wanted to call her and she would open up just for me!!!! Blimey. How Madonna-esque is that?! I am tempted, of course, but being British and polite (and unable to say no and offend someone), I would, for sure, feel obliged to spend a fortune and end up with a load of clothes that I have no reason to wear anymore. Or should I, as a way to help the local economy? Still pondering (but not mentioning to Jan as I can imagine what he will say!!!).

Today, anyway, the sun is shining, so we have been out and about early on; me to the pool since I am playing tennis tonight (third time, and knee bearing up, although it is still relatively ‘gentle’), and Jan to the beach for his usual run, which then turned into a very ‘un’usual one, since it transpires that we now have to wear masks all the time, even when exercising. Jan, as mentioned before, whilst being very law-abiding (he is, after all, a ‘solicitor of the Supreme Court’, as he loves to tell me on a regular basis) absolutely hates masks and swears horribly every time he puts one on (which means that the air is blue for most of the day), and was not at all amused, therefore, to find out that his reading of today’s new rules was wrong (i.e. that it didn’t apply to the Marbella region) by being stopped by a policewoman on a motorbike and told he had to wear one after all.

Since he didn’t have one with him, he was asked for his identity card (in order to have a fine issued), which he also didn’t have…. luckily, and maybe it was his pretty blue eyes, the policewoman took pity on him and let him go…. this time… (incidentally, his new Czech friend, one of the many that he has picked up over the last few days, questioned him today as to whether ‘wearing a mask at all times’ included when lying on the beach, to which the response (after some research on the Alicante Ladies page), is that you have to wear when when walking or sitting, but not when lying down…. really??? No Boris germs are expelled when lying down? Or you can’t catch them when you are. There must be a joke in there somewhere……)

Anyway, other than discussing that and all the other usual things that keep us occupied (and no, no fags OR mattresses have arrived in the last couple of days…. ), we have meandered through the day and are now pondering whether I will wear a mask for tennis tonight and, if so, whether I will survive to talk about it tomorrow. We will see!

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