Good publicity, bad publicity and no publicity

I had planned to start this latest blog with the words ‘bit by bit the autumn/winter in Marbella is setting in’ since for most of last week the days were much cooler, plus we had a bit of rain. But then we woke up yesterday morning to bright sunshine again and saw, according to my weather app, that the forecast for the rest of this week is for more of the same, so I scrapped that.

One thing about the weather being less good though was that I found it easier to motivate myself to move on with a few potential projects, and some of them are starting to get quite interesting – more on those soon. I wonder, though, if I am the only one that has secretly started enjoying not doing very much – maybe it is just that we have got used to it now, but even though we can go out and about here in Marbella (unlike before) most days I can barely be bothered (especially when the sun is shining!). Once our exercise is out of the way (and thankfully I haven’t lost my appetite for that, otherwise I would have turned into a fat lazy sloth by now) I am pretty happy just sitting about pondering – OK pondering some work-type projects, but not actually doing a great deal. I must say that if I was nearer the start rather than the end of my career, I would be very worried! And that makes me wonder how all of this is going to affect those people that have been furloughed for ages; I can’t help but think that by the time they can go safely back to work, they just won’t want to. We shall see.

Having said that, though, I did have a call with an IT friend this morning who said that he is absolutely flat out as all of his clients want to speak to him, not any of his team, and having to find time to do that as well as managing everyone else remotely AND actually doing the work is proving near impossible – that brought me up short, as of course he is seeing the other side of the coin, i.e. the additional burden of having to manage both his clients and employees from afar, whilst still actually doing the work. I think, at the moment, I would rather be in my shoes than his!

So what’s new? As usual, there have been a few interesting bits on social media over the past few days; first a small article about the England football manager having tested positive just a day or so after a big event in London, and how that news was kept very quiet – in particular, the person writing the article had been at the event and hadn’t been informed. Once upon a time, this kind of news in the UK would have been splattered all over the tabloid papers, but since he is generally regarded as one of the better football managers, I suppose it has all been hushed up (of course, had he patted a young lady’s bottom or something like that, they would still have jumped all over it!).

What hasn’t been hushed up, though, is BJ going into isolation again, having been in contact with someone with Covid – just imagine if he proves positive…. either he will be one of just a handful of people to get it twice, and/or there will be speculation that the first time around was made up. Either way, I think that it doesn’t bode well for his future; particularly as, and apologies in advance for the corny play on words (but Jan will love it), there have been lots of Cummings and Goveings over the past few days, with Cummings, BJ’s senior advisor having been kicked out (sorry, left), and Gove being rumoured to be getting ready to do a leadership coup (and what a nasty little reptile he is).

Meantime, in the Czech Republic, the numbers are coming down and there is talk about things opening up again in time for Christmas (although we now hear that they are going to try a new idea of only allowing one person per 15 m2 into each shop…. I dunno. I think I have said this before, but wouldn’t it be sensible for all countries to do the same things rather than individually trying to come up with some new ‘solution’ to the spreading of the virus? This one seems to me to be a bit daft – I was in Aldi yesterday bobbing and weaving around a small traffic jam of two elderly people and a trolley and trying to keep my distance, so not sure how that is going to pan out….). But, anyway, let’s hope that if the lockdown does ease up over Christmas, the numbers don’t go soaring back up again in January and another merry-go-round kicks off.

I know we are all keeping our fingers crossed for the vaccine… but personally I don’t see that making too much difference for a while yet, so just wonder if we shouldn’t be focusing more on other ways to get back to normal… and on that, here is yet another link to an article that was sent to me by Jan the Elder and which I think has some interesting points to make:

Outside of all that is going on with politics, Covid and the weather, we have settled back into our ‘new normal’ routine which, at the moment, includes a lot of tennis (both playing and watching) – my knee is bearing up, so that is great, and Marbella has been inundated with tennis players (Karolina Pliskova seems to have more or less moved in, plus there are Czech kids all over the place), and the London Masters has started. So that’s good – or is it? Just two thoughts on that (for now): one, how is it possible for these tennis players (much as we love them) to travel to the UK from all over and not go into quarantine? And two; does anyone other than people like us (fanatics) find it in any way interesting when there is so little atmosphere without fans (I even fell asleep on Sunday night watching Nadal)? I can’t help but think that unless these sports get back to some normality, they will be doomed – sponsors will drop out, and without income from entrance fees, how will these huge prize money events continue? And if they don’t, then bye-bye all the big names….. hmmmm?

Finally, as I feel I may have drivelled on for a bit too long; it’s not just the Czechs that are pitching up here at the moment, but quite a few Brits too. And what we hear from them is exactly what I said some months ago, and that is that the PR that Spain gets in the UK is terrible – all of those that we have met have told us that they have wanted to come but were scared to – the feeling being that the minute they stepped foot on Spanish soil the virus would jump on them (unlike in the UK huh?). And since they got here they have realised how daft that was. I hope they will keep spreading the word, as Spain needs tourists! But then, don’t we all.

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