Merry Christmas!

I keep meaning to write another blog, but then another day of near normality (here in Spain I mean) goes by and I realise that, even if I make a few things up, I still don’t have a lot to say! Must be the blogging version of ‘hitting the wall’, but hopefully that will soon change. Of course, I could talk about the fact that tomorrow is the deadline for the UK to ‘agree a deal’ with the EU (like that’s going to happen, and as if it will make much difference now, since the UK is fast going down the toilet) or the terrible Covid situation in both the UK and the CR, or how much I hate Boris Johnson and his merry men, but that would all be terribly repetitive and boring of me.

I also thought to talk about how lovely it is down here in Marbella, but then Jan, who loves to tell people every time he gets onto a Zoom call or similar (which is quite a lot at the moment) that he ‘has just come in from the pool’ or that he has to go ‘as we are going to the beach’ reminded me that these comments haven’t always gone down well (imagine my surprise!) so I thought maybe not. I would just say that it is kind of weird to be getting into the Christmas spirit when it is warm and sunny – it’s probably the only time of year that I actually like the cold and snow of Prague – this must be how it feels to be in Australia.

Actually, anyway, we are not really getting into the Christmas spirit that much since, as it is for everyone, it is a very different Christmas this year – for us, it will be just another day, as mentioned before (except for the presents, as also mentioned), no visit to the UK to see family and friends (the first Christmas ever that Jan won’t see his kids), almost as important for him, no carp (unless we can find it here, but I have to say I am not trying too hard!), and an even bigger battle than usual not to drink and eat too much. And then it will be the New Year and everyone will be holding their breath to see what that is going to bring.

For sure, we will all be hoping that the vaccine will be available and used for enough people that we will be able to get back to some normality (and for that to happen, that the vaccine stops those that have had it from still being able to catch the virus (asymptomatically) and give it to others that haven’t) and that enough people that haven’t had the vaccine learn to live with it still being out there (personally, I suspect that mask wearing and keeping our distance will continue for a good while yet).

For us Brits, I suppose that we are all hoping that Brexit won’t be the almighty disaster that it looks like being (and because I, personally, think it will be, that there will be a revolution that ensures that BJ and the others are tried for their sins, and that the new government gets us back into Europe as soon as feasibly possible) and that everyone else in Europe looks at what happened in the UK and supports the EU enough to ensure that there is never a Czexit, Spanxit or any other ‘xit’ for the next forty years. And for everyone else – that we all stay healthy, as wealthy as possible, and as wise as we have learned to be during these pasts nine months.

I’ll be back soon – blogger’s wall permitting. For now, wishing everyone that has read this blog, commented (all my best friends, as well as Roger (you know who you are, who I barely knew before, but who has unfailingly commented on Linkedin and spurred me on after each post!), bought the book, or hasn’t read it but liked the photos on Facebook, a lovely Christmas and let’s look forward to a much better New Year in 2021!

And finally; a nice and cheering, non-Christmas video to wrap up, and that encompasses a lot of my favourite things – music, dancing, lovely clothes, beautiful colours in a sort of ‘bonkers’ way – link below:

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Roger de Brantes

    ooooh, thank you for the mention, Jo, and happy holidays! Where do you get the Boris jokes, they’re great!! And the video is a riot! Here’s one in exchange – those were the times!


    1. jojwa Post author

      Lovely!! Kid Creole! My favourites at that time – I will use it! The Boris jokes…. mostly from Twitter where he is completely loathed by everyone I follow!! Happy holidays to you too!! x


    1. jojwa Post author

      Lovely!!!! I had completely forgotten (partly as when I mentioned it to HH he wasn’t overly keen at the moment!!! But I will do it and surprise you soon!!! xx



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