Overcoming slothness

I have had a few people emailing me recently to ask how we are as ‘I have been so quiet’. And it’s true; I haven’t written a blog for a while (at least not this type of blog), nor have I been very good at keeping in touch with people. Apologies.

General slothness

I pondered what had caused my ‘writer’s cramp’ over the weekend whilst I was half-heartedly going through my social media (the ‘half-hearted bit is a clue!); basically, really, I think I have sunk into some sort of lethargy (my late Mum would call it ‘sloth’) whereby I can’t really be bothered to do anything much. I know I am not alone though; everyone that I have been in touch with has said more or less the same, and I think that most of us are just fed up with the whole Covid situation; the constant lockdowns, unlocking-downs, restrictions, changes in restrictions – if you are following as many different countries as we are, then it is nearly impossible to know what you can and can’t do in any specific place, nor what you are required to do if you plan to leave where you are or turn up somewhere else. So the best thing, really, is just to do nothing at all, see what happens and hope that whichever snollygoster (def: ‘a shrewd, unprincipled person, often a politician’) is in charge, they have some idea of what to do next!!

Incidentally, I do know that I shouldn’t complain and there are many, many people living a much more difficult life than we are, let alone those that have been sick or have lost someone – I am amazed that I am still seeing posts on FB and Twitter asking people if they know of someone that has had Covid or died (is there anyone that doesn’t??) We, ourselves, barely know anyone in the CR, in particular, that hasn’t had it, and sadly, just now, we know of five people that have died (one close friend).

But, anyway, my slothness…. it’s not that I have been completely doing nothing; some days I have been pretty busy with all my usual training, cleaning, walking, dancing and so on, plus the sun has been shining, we are able to go out and about, and I have been playing fairly regular tennis with no real knee trouble (and that, alone, is a reason to be cheerful!). But I am definitely suffering from a lack of ‘drive’ – living without any real urgency about anything that we are doing is very strange, and for sure, even though the lockdown here is much easier than it was last year, we are finding it all much more difficult this time around.

(any resemblance to ‘hand-on-cock is entirely coincidental….)

I said all this to my good friend Adam yesterday when I asked him if he was bored (he is in lockdown in London), and he said absolutely not – and that, I suggested, is due to the fact that his work hasn’t been particularly affected (he is an IT wizard) so he is still putting in the working hours every day that I (and lots of my other friends) most definitely am not! Talking about the UK, it seems that with so many vaccines at its disposal, the country is finally managing to get the virus under control a bit; not that that is anything to do with BJ and his merry-men, although giving the vaccine roll-out to the NHS to manage rather than one of their cronies, was clearly a good idea. (By the way, I am going to move on from referring to some politicians as ‘snollygosters’ as I have a better word now; BJ, the ‘quockerwodger’ in chief (‘quockerwodger being a 19th century word that means a ‘puppet-like individual whose strings of action are pulled by someone else’). Love it. But, anyway, as Covid subsides, it will be interesting to see the real effect of Brexit, since no-one, other than my Twitter friends, has been talking about that very much recently.

Just on Brexit though, and I had planned not to mention it (and failed!), I have already had some first-hand experiences of the problems that it is already causing; first some bits that I ordered from the UK failed to turn up as they got stuck in customs in Barcelona and, since they included a pair of boots that I thought I might need for ‘winter in Spain’ and winter (about two weeks!) is now over, they ended up being sent back to the UK without ever getting here (never to be seen again, apparently). And then I had another delivery that did make it through, on which I had to pay something like Euro 45 customs’ duty (on a package that was worth about 10). That’s just my personal experience in the first month, but there is so much other stuff that is mentioned on Twitter, but never makes it to the unbelievably biased English media (the fish that has just rotted away as it cannot now be exported in a timely fashion, even though the fisherman can now catch more of it, the companies that have had to give up on exporting their products and have already gone into bankruptcy as the logistics just don’t work, the empty shelves in the UK supermarkets (and, blimey, I nearly forgot, the closure of Iceland and M&S in the Czech Republic and, soon, Spain, judging by the shelves in those stores here!)…. I hate to say ‘we knew it would be like this’.. but… we knew it would be like this!!

Anyway, I think that is enough politics for now, (although I am seething about the lack of vaccines in the CR and the slowness of the roll-out here in Spain – which is not quite as slow as the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK put it today (their headline that ‘Gibraltar [part of the UK] has already vaccinated 60% of its population whilst [that terrible country] Spain, has only managed 3%….’ made me pretty mad (and I hope I don’t have to explain why….!), since there is not much hope of any of me, Jan or our friends getting the vaccine any time soon… but then, living like we do, does it really matter…?).

Back to my silence on the blogging front; another reason that I haven’t been writing as much has been the normality of our lives right now (well, not normal, but compared with this time last year); in my ‘100 days in Spain’ book, as many of you know, I had endless fun with draining and filling up our pool (something that we are are looking forward to again in a few weeks’ time!), doing my show-jumping steps to the supermarket whilst hunting down ants and hugging trees (I’ve got bored with all of those things now), exercise biking (our poor old bike has given up the ghost and gone to the bike-yard in the sky) and chasing various unsavoury creatures (not Jan) around the house – we have those things to look forward to as well, since it will soon be cockroach time. Can’t wait. But without all of them, (and particularly during my ‘alcohol-free January (successfully completed and now, thank God, over!) it is difficult to find as many funny things to write about during our standard ‘groundhog’ day.

However, since it looks as if we will be stuck here for a while yet, subject to time and enthusiasm, I do plan to get back into regular blogging again, so you may be hearing from me sooner rather than later. In particular, some of our recent ‘social experiences’ in Marbella have been worthy of a blog or two – I will try to try to rally up some energy to write another one soon!

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